Tips To Detail Your Car Like A Pro

Look. If you are going to go to the trouble of blocking off your afternoon and dressing in rags to get your vehicle clean, why not do it right? Here are some tips to detail your car like a pro

# 1 – It’s not just about how your vehicle looks, having a truly clean car is also about having a car that smells good. The trick to doing that is getting a small, portable air compressor and using it to blow out the dust and buildup from your ducts and vent grilles.

# 2 – Of course, that air compressor is going to come in handy in a lot of ways. Another thing you can do is use it to blow the dirt and debris from all of those hard to get places in your interior. Try to blow towards an open area where you can vacuum it all up.

# 3 – Always hand wash your vehicle, as opposed to taking it to an automatic wash facility. Also, never use dishwashing liquid. It removes the wax coating, making the finish vulnerable to scratches.

# 4 – Unless you consider yourself a trained professional, the best way to remove contaminants from your finish is to use a clay bar. Lubricate it with cleaner wax and rub it trouble spots.

The benefits of having a vehicle that is properly detailed on a regular basis are countless. At the very least, it’s nice to drive a car that doesn’t smell like a fuming pile of dirty clothes, right?

tips to detail your car like a pro

Cadillac House Opening Supports Fashion and Design Industries

The Cadillac House opening recently drew attention from both the fashion and the auto industry. Cadillac constructed a space in conjunction with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to host the recent New York Fashion Week: Men’s event. With a runway and exhibit space, the venue was created to support artists from around the globe.

According to Cadillac, Cadillac House is just one more way the automaker is helping to support the arts. In mid-July, the brand hosted some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and it later launched the Retail Lab. The Retail Lab is a new initiative that lets a new designer come in every quarter and take over valuable retail space in New York.

“Cadillac is redefining what it means to be a ‘patron of the arts,’ and our partnership with the CFDA has emphasized that commitment in fashion,” said Melody Lee, Cadillac director of Brand Marketing. “Cadillac House is meant to be a place that our community and partners can make their own dynamic experiences within. We’re proud Cadillac House is now an official runaway venue for NYFW: Men’s.”

Cadillac is known for its support of the arts, as well as the high-level of importance it places on styling. Cadillac models are made to be luxurious and one-of-a-kind, something other automakers just can’t compete with. If you want an inspired design that can’t be found elsewhere, check out the latest lineup of Cadillac models.

Cadillac House opening

Visit These Great Ice Cream Shops During National Ice Cream Month

Who really needs an excuse to enjoy some delicious, creamy ice cream in the summer? But, to maybe justify an extra trip or two, or three, remember that July is National Ice Cream Month. Here are some of the best local ice cream stops in and around Lombard, Illinois.

  • Uncle Harry’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Coffee. This small ice cream shop serves rich, homemade ice cream along with freshly-brewed coffee. It is located at 48 W. Lake St. in Addison.
  • Brain Freeze. This family-owned shop in Elmhurst serves a wide range of ice cream flavors along with Italian Ice, milk shakes, vegan soy ice cream, Nana Crème Allergen Free ice cream, and more.
  • Dairy Queen. While this may be a chain store, it has such a great community atmosphere, it just can’t be beat. Visit the Dairy Queen at 205 S. Main St. for an old-school walk-up ice cream shop experience.
  • Skinnysweet Frozen Yogurt. Choose from six to eight flavors and add in your choice of mix-ins for a deliciously sweet experience.
  • This sweet shop serves not only amazing ice cream, but creamy fudge, caramel apples, hand-crafted chocolates, and more.

What is your favorite local stop for a cool summertime treat?

National Ice Cream Month

Cadillac CT6’s Technology Keeps You Secure and Connected

In Cadillac’s new flagship model, the CT6, owners will find a host of standard and available features that will take the driving experience to the next level. The CT6’s technology includes an industry-first surround-vision video recording system and a state-of-the-art rear seat infotainment system.

With the video recording system, drivers can gain enhanced security and situational awareness. While driving, the cameras can aid in maneuvering through tight spaces by providing a 360-degree birds-eye view of everything around the CT6. Drivers also have the option to record events such as a beautiful drive or when the vehicle is being tampered with. In fact, when the vehicle security system is armed, the cameras will automatically activate when the vehicle has been disturbed.

The recorded information is stored on an SD card in the trunk. Owners can then save the information on the SD card and view the files on a personal computer.

For passengers riding the back seat, the available rear seat infotainment system will be a great addition. It features dual 10-inch HD screens that slide in and out of the back of the front seats. The screens are equipped with both HDMI and USB ports to maximize the types of media that can be played, including internet streaming through the built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

To see these fantastic high-tech features for yourself, come check out the all-new  Cadillac CT6 today at Heritage Cadillac.

CT6’s technology

Road Trip Essentials

Summer is the time for road trips, whether it’s to visit family or to the beach. And if you’re making the trek, you’ll want these road trip essentials.


A GPS is great, thanks to modern technology. We can navigate from our phones or even from our cars themselves. But you’ll always want a physical map, whether it’s for emergencies or for fun.


Maps & apps? All hail technology! Download the latest travel apps and gas apps. Travel apps can help you with weather and traffic, while gas apps can help you save money on gas throughout your trip.

Smartphone Dock

You don’t want to be fiddling around with your phone, and taking your eyes off the road. A smartphone dock will mount your phone directly in your sight, so accessing it will be much easier.


Tolls roads can be annoying, especially when you’re searching for loose change and singles to give the attendant. An E-ZPass sticks to the top of your car and simply bills you later.

Spare Keys

Sometimes we get scatterbrained on road trips, so it’s always smart to have a set a spare keys that you keep in your pocket or somewhere else on you.

Road trip essentials

Cadillac Opens Virtual Dealerships

Cadillac storefronts will be seeing a change soon. The luxury automaker has three times as many stores as other luxury car companies, but sells only about half as many. This means that Cadillac is itching for a change, and this change will come in the form of a virtual dealership.

Some of Cadillac’s stores will be transformed into this virtual storefront, which will benefit Cadillac in low overhead costs and will allow them to use their top technology.

It will also benefit Cadillac lovers, who can access services and look at cars without leaving the comfort of their home. You can learn about vehicles by listening to virtual reality headsets.

While virtual dealerships offer some benefits, the drawback is that you won’t be able to drive off the lot with a car like you can from an in-person dealership. However, the virtual dealerships do offer showrooms in which you can explore the vehicles, and get a taste for what you like. If you’re sure about a car, you can then place an order through the dealership and receive it at a later point.

You might be seeing some of these virtual dealerships pop up on the web, but we’re always here at Heritage Cadillac to help you in person!

virtual dealership

Cadillac House to Open in New York

Located on the ground floor of Cadillac’s global headquarters in New York City, the Cadillac House is bringing a new meaning to the word daring.  The 12,000 square foot permanent space will be opening to the public on June 2nd of this year and will be primarily used for events and vehicle exhibits.

Also occupying the space will be a number of permanent partnerships, including Visionaire, CFDA Retail Lab, and Joe Coffee.  Evolving throughout the year, the Cadillac House will offer a home to many different organizations, not just the aforementioned.

Not only is the public excited, but those companies teaming up with Cadillac are excited as well.  “We are excited to partner with Cadillac.  We feel that both Cadillac and Visionaire strive for history-making design and we both push the boundaries of what is possible,” said James Kaliardos of Visionaire.

Located at 330 Hudson Street in New York, the opening of Cadillac House is drawing closer and closer.  Will you be there?

Cadillac House

2017 Cadillac XT5 is one of 2016 Wards 10 Best Interiors

WardsAuto has named the 2017 Cadillac XT5 crossover to its 2016 Wards 10 Best Interiors list, proving once more that when it comes to handcrafting exceptional interiors, car shoppers can always count on Cadillac to deliver.

The XT5 crossover, which replaces the outgoing SRX, features a totally new interior design with an emphasis on space and craftsmanship. It makes hefty use of high-quality, authentic materials and decorative trim options, such as satin-finish Rosewood trim, supple semi-Aniline Maple Sugar leather, velvety microsuede headliner, and rich metallic brightwork.

It also features impressive technology features like a heads-up display and Ultraview panoramic sunroof. Despite this, it doesn’t lose sight of what’s important. “Amid all these elements, it’s easy to overlook how comfortable and ergonomically correct the XT5 is,” says Tom Murphy, WardsAuto editor.

The award was handed out after eight WardsAuto editors evaluated 47 new automotive interiors, but it’ll take just one visit to Heritage Cadillac to see for yourself just why the 2017 Cadillac XT5 was deserving of it!

2016 Wards 10Best Interiors

Hit the Road during Read a Road Map Day

Do you remember the last time you used a paper road map to travel? For more than a decade, in-car navigation systems have been wildly popular and practically all smartphones have a built-in GPS system with navigation. Because of this, paper maps are becoming a thing of the past. But, on April 5th, you can celebrate Read a Road Map Day by brushing up on your manual navigational skills.

To really put your skills to the test, you should plan a mini road trip. Buy a new paper map of your state or general area, lay it out on the ground, and then toss a coin in the air. Wherever the coin lands, make that your destination (unless it happens to land on your neighborhood). Use the map to plan your route. Check for any nearby attractions or landmarks and include those in your trip.

In addition to planning a road trip, if you have any friends or relatives who have never travelled using a paper map (your kids, perhaps?), then show them how it’s done. Be sure to point how to use the map index to find specific cities and landmarks along with the map legend that shows the different types of roads.

Black Chrome Package Available on Cadillac ATS and CTS

If you prefer cars with unique features that stand out from the crowd, take a look at the Black Chrome Package, which is now available for the Cadillac ATS sedan, ATS coupe, and CTS sedan. This package adds unique touches to each car.

On the ATS, some of the unique features include an “After Midnight” paint finish on the 18-inch wheels, Black Chrome accents on the upper and lower grilles, Black Chrome rear fascia accents, gloss black side window moldings, and body color door handles. Buyers can also choose from a variety of exterior colors, including Black Raven, Phantom Gray Metallic, Red Obsession Tintcoat, and Crystal White Tricoat.

As for the CTS, unique content includes the “After Midnight” paint on the 18-inch wheels and a Black Chrome accented grille. Inside, buyers can choose between Jet Black or Light Platinum/Jet Black. Exterior color choices are Black Raven, Phantom Gray Metallic, and Crystal White Tricoat.

If you’re interested in adding this package to your new Cadillac ATS or CTS, we can help you here at heritage Cadillac. Stop by today and we’ll help you order the perfect Cadillac with all the features you want and love.